What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Isle Of Palms, South Carolina for the first time?

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Rich Merlino
Рыбачил с Southern Breeze Charters Май 1, 2023
This time of the year, The Carolina coast can be windy. Bring a jacket for when the boat is moving. Layering is best and don’t forget the sun protection, no matter the weather.

Richard Diemar
Aiken, SC
Рыбачил с Barrier Island Fishing Charters Сентябрь 27, 2021
It is an enjoyable, scenic experience- captain does everything necessary to make it easy to catch fish.- Fun for all ages, all the fish were returned to the water.

Darlene Enroth
United States
Рыбачил с Barrier Island Fishing Charters Июнь 27, 2020
Go with a guide that knows these waters. The creeks in the ICW can be daunting, especially if you don't know the shallow spot. Go with the experts!

Dennis Mullins
Hamilton, Indiana
Рыбачил с HotFish Charleston Май 13, 2019
I would make sure your charter captain agrees to the contract terms. We were not happy at all. Good Luck.