What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Little Torch Key, Florida for the first time?

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Luke Zakrzewski
Powell, TN
Рыбачил с Livin' The Dream Charters 22' Август 12, 2022
Be in top physical condition and be able to hold your breath for long periods of time. Make sure you are an avid swimmer, used to salt water, strong currents, and exotic ocean life. Make sure you have quality gear. This is a very physically demanding adventure that will absolutely cleanse the soul. This trip is for thrill seekers and risk takers. I am 55, a former athlete, and strong swimmer, and this experience certainly humbled me. I cannot wait to do it again.

Nick Lamere
Рыбачил с Lower Keys Offshore Adventures Февраль 8, 2024
Keep an eye on the wind as it may look good from ashore it maybe very choppy when you get further out.

Jessa Davis
Key West, Florida
Рыбачил с FUNYET Charters - 33ft Июль 16, 2023
Be patient. Sunscreen. Hat. Sunglasses and lots of water. Be prepared to be hot and a little uncomfortable at times...but worth it.

Norman Saunders
Whitby, ON
Рыбачил с Lower Keys Offshore Adventures Июль 10, 2023
Bring plenty of fluids, and light snacks. Also, lather up with sunscreen and bring lots of sunscreen, a light long sleeve shirt, and a shade hat.