What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Lake Charles, Louisiana for the first time?

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Mike Robins
Salesville, AR
Рыбачил с Fishing Tom Guide Service Июнь 2, 2022
Fishing is ALWAYS hit or miss anytime/anywhere. I fished Lake Calcasieu (also called Big Lake by locals). The speckled trout & redfish have different schedules on best times of year to fish so if targeting a certain type do your research for this lake to choose wisely!

Shawn Ohalloran
United States
Рыбачил с Gills & Bills Guide Service Июль 21, 2021
Be sure to apply lots of sunscreen, wear a large brimmed hat, and long sleeve fishing shirt to protect from the sun. If you have issues tolerating extreme heat, bring shammies.

William Megna
Waukesha, WI
Рыбачил с Fishing Tom Guide Service Март 15, 2019
Yes I would recommend fishing the Lake Charles area. There are abundant game fish and miles of fishing grounds to explore.