10-year anniversary campaign

The "10-year anniversary" offer is open to captains who meet the following criteria:

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only US-based, first-time captains, with listings published before the end of October 2023 are eligible to participate.
  • By “captains", we mean the person, agency, or company responsible for delivering and managing services rendered through the FishingBooker platform.
  • By "first-time captain", we mean a captain who signed up and opened an account on the FishingBooker platform for the first time. Captains who have an active FishingBooker account or who have had an account before are not eligible to participate. Therefore, all duplicate accounts are not eligible for the offer.
  • By “published listings”, we mean listings published on a captain's profile, visible on the FishingBooker platform, and eligible to be booked by customers. 
  • By “visible listings”, we mean listings that have passed our basic listing verification requirements.
  • The offer applies only to users who sign up on the FishingBooker platform via the QR code available in "In The Bite". Users who have signed up during October 2023 without using the QR code cannot receive the commission-free offer.
  • The offer is available only to listings published before October 31, 2023.
  • The offer applies only to the first successfully--completed booking on a newcaptain’s first listing, located in the US. If the captain has several listings associated with their account, the offer applies to the first successful booking for any of their listings, regardless of the number of listings.
  • The standard platform rules may apply. 

Disqualification Disclaimer:

Participants may be disqualified for multiple submissions, inappropriate content, non-compliance, or fraudulent activities. Additionally, FishingBooker reserves the right to terminate or suspend the offer due to unforeseen circumstances without liability for any inconvenience caused.

Please contact our Support Team for any questions about the terms and conditions of this offer.