Мерланг Рыбалка

Мерланг Рыбалка


  • Пищевая ценность Среднее
  • Игровые качества Низкий
  • Местообитания Nearshore, Offshore

(Menticirrhus americanus)

Whiting is a prolific fish in the Atlantic Ocean that you can hook up from almost any beach in North and South America. Whiting fishing is a lot of fun for the kids and they’re great for live bait.

How Big?

Whiting adults are usually in the 12’’ range, but you can find some specimens up to 20’’ long. The all-tackle IGFA world record was caught in 2002 in Virginia and measured 2 lb 13 oz.

When and Where?

You can find Whiting in coastal waters, stretching from Nova Scotia all the way to Argentina. They prefer sandy-mud and hard sand bottoms, quite commonly around beaches. You’ll find them in waters up to 120’ deep.

How to Fish?

You can reel Whiting in on pretty much any saltwater rod, due to their small size. Heavy rods are recommended so you can reach them, because the fish often hang out behind the wave break. When fishing from a dock, spincasting with light tackle is what most anglers go for. The most effective bait is the sand flea (a small crustacean), but you can also catch it on live shrimp, peeled shrimp, clams, and other similar bait.

Good to Eat?

Whiting has a delicate and moist flavor, similar to Cod, but softer. They’re great when fried with some salt and pepper!

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