Большой Кайман Тунец (желтоперый) Рыбалка Рыбалка

Большой Кайман Тунец (желтоперый) Рыбалка Рыбалка

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Тунец (желтоперый) fishing in Большой Кайман varies slightly throughout the year. High season is April to August. Low season is January to February and October to December. There is no closed season.
Большой Кайман
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Тунец (желтоперый) Рыбалка – Grand Cayman – что говорят?

Full Day with Real Esea
Gracie P. рыбачил с ReelEsea Charters Февраль 10, 2020
We didn’t catch the fish we hoped to but it is called “fishing” not catching!!! Not the captain and crews fault, just reality!
2 hour trip
John C. рыбачил с Stress Relief Charters – Dusky Декабрь 8, 2019
Told the captain we had young kids, so catching a good amount of fish was the goal more than keepers. Mission accomplished, plus the boat ride was fun and fast.
July fishing trip
John M. рыбачил с Stress Relief Charters – Dusky Июль 31, 2019
I would make sure the boat has live bait.
Full day trip to the Caymen Bank
Lyles B. рыбачил с ReelEsea Charters Июль 24, 2019
Lots of options; deep drop, reef, or blue water. Grand Cayman is unique in that it has access to the deepest water in the Caribbiean. Try to hit the tuna bite earlier than July to give you the best options for a big catch.
Fishing with Daniel
Harry G. рыбачил с Outcast Charters Cayman Июль 2, 2019
Put a variety of bait and lures, see what they are hitting and work those.
Half Day Reef Fishing with Captain Stephen
Yvette M. рыбачил с Reel Vibes Charters Июнь 14, 2019
Be patient but the captain will find the fish.
Most knowledgeable captain!
Stacy W. рыбачил с Captain Asley’s Watersports Май 26, 2019
Put sunscreen on before you get in the boat and dont forget your legs. Water can get rough farther out so take the less drowsy dramamine.
Full day trip with Captain Nick on the GUNNER
Patrick P. рыбачил с Get Bent Charters Май 23, 2019
Do arm workout the week proceeding...especially the fore arms

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