Ставрида (золотая) Рыбалка

Ставрида (золотая) Рыбалка

Ставрида (золотая)

Ставрида (золотая)
  • Размер 35-60 cm
  • Пищевая ценность Отлично
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Nearshore, Offshore, Reef, Wreck

(Pseudocaranx georgianus)

Silver Trevally is the smallest of the species, but this fish isn’t anything to turn your nose up at! This feisty little catch will entertain any angler, whether fishing from shore or a boat. Silver Trevally are also known as White Trevally, Silver Bream, Skipjack Trevally, and–more often than not–Skippy!

How Big?

Silver Trevally usually weigh 1-2 kg, but they’re known to reach up to 6 kg on occasion. Most fish measure 35-60 cm in length. The IGFA record for this fish is 6.20 kg (13 lb 11 oz), caught in Henderson Bay, NZ.

When and Where

This Trevally species lives in the Western and Eastern Atlantic as well the Indo-Pacific. Skippy are especially popular among anglers in Southern Australia, where they swim off the coasts of Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales.

Silver Trevally live in waters 10-120 m deep, typically around reefs, wrecks, beaches, and jetties. Adult fish occupy inshore reefs and large bays.

How to Fish

You can catch Skippy close to shore using a light-to-medium weight 6’ rod, a spinning reel, and 10-20 lb test braided line. Saltwater fly anglers can use a 6-8 w rod. When fishing in deeper water for bigger fish, use a shorter, more powerful outfit.

Good to Eat?

Silver Trevally are excellent to eat, especially when smoked!

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