Белый морской окунь (горбыль) Рыбалка

Белый морской окунь (горбыль) Рыбалка

Топ Белый морской окунь (горбыль) Рыбалка направлений

Белый морской окунь (горбыль)

Белый морской окунь (горбыль)
  • Размер 5 to 20lbs
  • Пищевая ценность Хорошо
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Inshore, Nearshore

(Atractoscion nobilis)

Seabass being a misnomer, this species is actually a member of the Croaker family, with most notable relatives being California CorbinaRedfish and Black Drum. They are highly appraised in Southern California as large delicious fish that can be caught within casting distance from the shore if the conditions are right.

How big

This is the largest of the Pacific Croakers, with the biggest caught fish being over 5ft long and 93.1lbs heavy. An average catch will be between 5 and 20lbs. 


The species is native to the eastern Pacific Ocean, ranging from Juneau, AK to Magdalena Bay, Mexico. Fish are mostly found in schools over hard bottoms up to 300ft deep and around kelp beds. They will be most abundant during summer, but the largest fish can be caught just before the full moon August through October.

How to catch

Natural bait works best, especially live squid. Anchovies, sardines and Pacific mackerel will also be very effective. They will take artificials such as fast-trolled spoons, imitation squids or bone jigs, too.

Good to eat?

They are excellent food fish, but should be consumed right after capture as the flesh degrades rapidly.

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