Ставрида-королева Рыбалка

Ставрида-королева Рыбалка

Топ Ставрида-королева Рыбалка направлений


  • Размер 1-7 kg
  • Пищевая ценность Среднее
  • Игровые качества Отлично
  • Местообитания Inshore, Nearshore

(Scomberoides commersonnianus / lysan)

The Talang (Scomberoides commersonnianus) and Doublespotted (Scomberoides lysan) Queenfish are among the best light/medium tackle game fish of the southern hemisphere, with spectacular displays of strength, agility and acrobatics following their voracious bait hits.

Both species are widely spread throughout the Indo-Pacific Ocean, reaching south Japan, east Africa, north Australia and Hawaii (only Doublespotted).

They can be found year-round in inshore lagoons and rocky/reefy coastal waters, but around offshore islands as well. Doublespotted Queenfish will go into estuaries too, but Talang aren't tolerant of low salinity waters.

Talang being the larger of the two, they can be caught up to 10kg commonly, with 2 to 6kg fish being the most prevalent. A 1kg Doublespotted is considered a good catch.

They aren't fussy eaters, as long as the bait presented is made to appear active. Any strip fish or squid will work, as will jigs, spoons and trolling heads. Poppers are effective with Queenfish.

There are disagreements on whether these fish are good eating or not. If caught as food, they should be bled and iced immediately, using caution when handling them due to their poisonous fins. Most anglers practice catch and release, however.

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