Королевский этелис (карибский) Рыбалка

Королевский этелис (карибский) Рыбалка

Королевский этелис (карибский)

Королевский этелис (карибский)
  • Размер 20–40 inches
  • Пищевая ценность Отлично
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Offshore

(Etelis oculatus)

It may surprise you to know how little information there is on the “Queen of the Snappers,” despite this fish being prevalent in the Gulf of Mexico and around the Bahamas. Lack of information aside, coming back to port with a cooler full of Queens will raise eyebrows, as they’re not the easiest fish to catch!

How Big?

Queen Snapper typically measure around 20 inches, but specimens up to 36 inches have been caught. The world record Queen Snapper weighs 11 lb and 11 oz.

When and Where

This species is native to the Caribbean Sea, but you can find Queen Snapper all over the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic coast of South America. It’s common to find them over rocky reefs offshore, at depths between 300 and 1500 feet.

How to Fish

Queen Snapper’s diet is mainly small fish and squid, so live and cut bait from the appropriate baitfish works well. Deep dropping with electric reels is the preferred method, as this fish lives at fairly extreme depths.

Good to Eat?

Queen Snapper tastes similar to its more famous cousin, Red Snapper. It’s mild and sweet, with very juicy flesh. It goes great with mild herbs and citrus fruits!

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