Луциан королевский Рыбалка

Луциан королевский Рыбалка

Луциан королевский

Луциан королевский
  • Размер 3 to 4 kg (7 to 9 lbs)
  • Пищевая ценность Среднее
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Offshore, Reef, Wreck, Nearshore

(Nemadactylus valenciennesi)

Few fish are as easy to identify as the Australian Queen Snapper, with their striking blue color and signature pouting mouth. You can’t catch one of these deep-dwelling reef fish without taking at least at least a couple of photos with it. Commonly known as “Queenies,” the Queen Snapper isn’t actually a “true” Snapper. It’s a species of Morwong – the Southern Blue Morwong, to be precise.

How Big?

Most Queen Snapper caught in Australia weigh in at around 3-4 kg (6 lb, 10 oz-8 lb, 13 oz). A 5-kilo Queenie is considered a good catch. They can grow to over double that size, though, with fish as big as 12 kg (26 lb, 7 oz) caught in the past.

When and Where?

You can catch Queen Snapper all along the southern coast of Australia, from Southern Victoria all the way round to the lower half of Western Australia, as well as in Tasmania. They usually live over 200 m (around 600’) down on reefs and around rocky drop-off. 

How to Catch Australian Queen Snapper

Queenies are often reeled in as bycatch by anglers looking for Pink Snapper or Dhufish. They’re not fussy eaters, and will happily take squid, cuttlefish, octopus and more. Berleying is a common tactic when targeting Queen Snapper.

Tastes Good?

Queen Snapper may be one of the most striking fish out there, but they’re not the tastiest. They’re pretty good when cooked up with plenty of sauce and flavoring, but they don’t stand up to Pink Snapper when eaten on their own.

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