Пуэрто-Вальярта Полосатый марлин Рыбалка Рыбалка

Пуэрто-Вальярта Полосатый марлин Рыбалка Рыбалка

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Полосатый марлин fishing in Пуэрто-Вальярта varies moderately throughout the year. High season is October. Low season is February to May. There is no closed season.
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Полосатый марлин Рыбалка – Puerto Vallarta – что говорят?

Great time with locals
Katie H. рыбачил с Valeria I Декабрь 29, 2020
Book a longer trip so you can go out farther. Dress warm in layers if your going early
5 hour trip
Dawn P. рыбачил с Calypso Февраль 26, 2020
The seasoned angler may be disappointed with the lack of “hands on” fishing
10 hour trip on Don Gato
John J. рыбачил с Pesca Con Dongato Февраль 16, 2020
Last year I fished the bay and got skunked. It is definitely worth the extra time and money to fish the blue water.
6 hour trip with Capt. Sam and Capt. Carlos!!!
Todd And Sondria Giardina рыбачил с Calypso Charters – Calypso II Февраль 10, 2020
We had a great day on the water! Everything was perfect!
6 hr Bay trip
Michael Z. рыбачил с PV Hook Up - GuanaTuna PV Ноябрь 4, 2019
Pangas are great for 2 on in-shore, close-in fishing. If you're after bigger game fish, charter a bigger, faster (yes more expensive) boat.
3/4 day on the El Amo
Matthew M. рыбачил с El Amofishingpvmex2 Октябрь 17, 2019
I was told by the deckhand for the best chance at larger species like Mahi, Tuna, Marlin, etc. to book a longer 10 -12 hour trip. 6 hour trips only go 18-20 miles out and the longer trips go 40 miles plus. Was also told that November and December are the best months at larger species around the Bay for shorter trips. I mention this as something to consider if booking, just depends how long you want to fish and dedication to fishing as it relates to the rest of your party. My friend and I only booked the 6 hour because our wives came along and fishing was not their primary focus of this vacation. One item to note: bring cash with you to pay for the balance of the charter in the morning, our friends thought they would be able to use a card to pay and ended up having to go to an ATM to get cash which cut into our primetime early morning fishing. Also, bring food or snacks if your group needs breakfast, the boat will stop at a dockside restaurant if you want it to and our group had some breakfast burritos delivered to the boat. We thought there would be stores and restaurants open by the marina that we could stop at before getting on the boat. I'm not sure what time these businesses open but at 6:30 AM and even after 7:00 AM marina was still a ghost town with nothing open.
Captain made it a great day
Bob M. рыбачил с High Tides Fishing Июнь 21, 2019
Be ready to catch lots of Bonita on a short trip
8hr Father's day trip
Daniel S. рыбачил с High Tides Fishing Июнь 17, 2019
If you're planning on fishing around the Marietas area, they're closed on Monday from any type of tourism.

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