Змеезуб (зубастый терпуг) Рыбалка

Змеезуб (зубастый терпуг) Рыбалка

Топ Змеезуб (зубастый терпуг) Рыбалка направлений

Змеезуб (зубастый терпуг)

Змеезуб (зубастый терпуг)
  • Размер 10 to 35lbs
  • Пищевая ценность Хорошо
  • Игровые качества Низкий
  • Местообитания Nearshore, Offshore

(Ophiodon elongatus)

Lingcod are delicious, slow and massive bottom-dwelling fish which may be thought of as Groupers of the Pacific Northwest. 

Somewhat scarier than Groupers, their Latin name "ophiodon elongatus" translates to long snaketooth, and portrays the species aptly.

How big

Although Lingcod can grow to about 60'' and 130lbs, the average catch comes in between 10 and 35lbs.


They inhabit cold waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean, ranging from the Gulf of Alaska to Southern California, with the highest concentrations being off British Columbia. They migrate closer to shore for spawning in October and (males) stay there until March.

How to catch

They are mostly found at depths up to 350ft, but have been harvested as deep as 1400ft. Usually a commercial bycatch, not many anglers target these fish recreationally. However, they can be taken on heavy jigs up to 700ft of depth and will readily strike herring, rockfish, Cod, hake, Flounder, crustaceans, octopus and their own species.

Good to eat?

They should be bled and iced immediately and consumed fresh, as the high quality flesh degrades rapidly. It can have a pigment dying it turquoise, which doesn't damage the food value and disappears once it's cooked.

Лучшие рыболовные туры – Змеезуб (зубастый терпуг) Рыбалка