Лихия Рыбалка

Лихия Рыбалка


  • Размер 4 to 10lbs
  • Пищевая ценность Среднее
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Inshore, Nearshore

(Lichia amia)

Leerfish, also known as Garrick, belong to the Carangidae family and are highly rated sport and table fish of the eastern Atlantic.

How big

These are decent sized fish, growing to over 5ft and 70lbs maximally, but caught between 4 and 10lbs on average.


Leerfish can be found in coastal waters of the Mediterranean and Black Seas and off Spain and western and South Africa. They are seasonally migratory, moving southwards in the winter and northwards during summer, correspondent to the sardine run.

How to catch

Leerfish move in schools and smaller fish can even be caught from the shore. They will take live bait, primarily sardines and mullets, but a variety of surface lures as well. Asides from appearance, they are also similar to their Jack relatives in their fighting qualities . 

Good to eat?

Leerfish make decent table fare, unlike most Carangidae species.

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