Японский горбыль Рыбалка

Японский горбыль Рыбалка

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Японский горбыль

Японский горбыль
  • Размер 100-300 cm
  • Пищевая ценность Отлично
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Inshore, Nearshore

(Argyrosomus japonicus)

Kob is known by many different names, depending on where you fish. Anglers in Australia call it Mulloway, Jewfish, Butterfish, Mully, and many other things, while those in South Africa stick to the simple name of Kob. Yet another name for this fish is Japanese Meagre, which most closely resembles its latin name. No matter what you call it or where you catch it, this is one beloved game fish!

How Big?

Kob typically weigh around 30 kg but can reach up to 70 kg on occasion. The IGFA world record is a 66.75 kg (147 lb 2 oz) fish landed in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

When and Where

This species is distributed throughout the Indo-Pacific region, including coastal waters around southern Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, and Korea. Young Kob live inshore, while mature fish tend to stay just beyond the surf zone, over soft sandy areas. On occasion, these fish move into estuaries and the upper tidal limits of coastal rivers. River-mouths near rocky beaches are an especially good place to fish for them.


Large Kob caught in Struisbaai, South Africa

How to Fish

You can catch this fish on spinning or baitcasting gear. Many anglers prefer using heavy tackle, since it’s more suitable for rocky areas and targeting large Kob. This fish bites live or very fresh dead bait such as squid, prawns, marine worms, and cut fish. Lures and flies also work well.

Good to Eat?

Kob tastes excellent, much like other species closely related to it such as the American Redfish. Sadly, this is one reason why Kob has been overfished. As a result, some governments have placed size and bag limits on this species, so make sure you’re familiar with local regulations before you go fishing.

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