Крупнопятнистый групер Рыбалка

Крупнопятнистый групер Рыбалка

Крупнопятнистый групер

Крупнопятнистый групер
  • Размер 6–7 lb
  • Пищевая ценность Отлично
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Nearshore

(Epinephelus chlorostigma)

Also known as the Brown Spotted Reef Cod, Brownspotted Grouper, and Gobro, there’s a reason why the Harmour Grouper has so many names – it’s a popular eating fish throughout the world! Inhabiting the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf, and the Western Pacific, this bottom-dweller has long provided anglers with first-class bottom fishing action and a delicious dinner to take home too.

How Big?

Although it’s often mistaken for the Goliath Grouper, the Hamour tends to reach a more modest size, tipping the scales at a maximum of 7 pounds. When it comes to length, the largest varieties usually measure around 30 inches.

Where and When

The Hamour is especially popular around the Persian Gulf and, like the majority of Groupers, prefers to lurk around reefs, especially if there are any crevices or coral caves for it to hide in! Although it’s usually found in depths ranging anywhere from 13–919 feet, it’s not uncommon to cross paths with a Hamour around shallower coastal reefs and seagrass beds. The best time to target this fish is between January and April, when the Hamour action is especially active.

How to Fish

The most common way to target this bottom-dweller is, unsurprisingly, by bottom fishing! The bait of choice for Hamour is usually small shrimp and squid, but they’re pretty greedy and will chomp on a variety of small fish and invertebrates. Most anglers who are used to dealing with the Hamour prefer to use heavy tackle, as they can be quite hefty!

Good to Eat?

Yep – the Hamour definitely doesn’t do anything to dispel the fact that the Grouper family is made up of some seriously tasty fish. This species is a delicacy in many locations around the Persian Gulf, so if you’re casting your line for Hamour in this location, make sure you ask for some local recipes!

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