Европейский хариус Рыбалка

Европейский хариус Рыбалка

Европейский хариус

Европейский хариус
  • Размер 3–4 lb
  • Пищевая ценность Отсутствует
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Lake, River

(Thymallus thymallus)

On a Grayling fishing adventure, you’ll not only test your skills, but your wit – this “lady of the stream” is known for its cunning nature! Not only does this species put up a great fight, it also tastes great and is widespread throughout Europe.. 

How Big?

The average Grayling weighs in at around 4 pounds, making them a dream for light tackle or fly fishing. The world-record catch currently stands at 14 pounds, however, meaning that there are some bigger variations out there! 

Where and When

The Grayling is believed to have originated in some of the UK’s most notable river systems. Thanks to stocking efforts, this fish now inhabits a variety of European coldwater systems , in Finland, Germany, Russia, and beyond. They can also be found in the estuarine waters around the Baltic Sea. 
You’ll find plenty of Grayling action year-round, but this clever fish tends to change its habitat with the weather During the summer, they prefer to hang around shallower waters, whereas autumn and winter sees them lurking in deeper waters. Be aware that fishing for Grayling in England between 15 March–15 June is prohibited – this is when Grayling spawn, and disturbing them is a big no-no!

How to Fish

Grayling are easily spooked, so approaching them in the stealthiest way possible is a must! Make use of a wireless trolling motor in shallow waters, or dust off your wading boots.
During the summertime, fly fishing is the most popular technique for battling Grayling. Even though they dwell closer to the bottom during autumn, they can still be lured to the surface with a well-presented fly. In winter, live bait presented on light tackle works best. .

Good to Eat?

Although it can be served up in a tasty meal, Grayling is subject to strict regulations throughout Europe, so don’t expect to fill your freezer. In order to prevent overfishing, catch and release is highly promoted. Why not let future generations enjoy the thrill of testing their wits against this intelligent fish?

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