Транг (капский лосось) Рыбалка

Транг (капский лосось) Рыбалка

Топ Транг (капский лосось) Рыбалка направлений

Транг (капский лосось)

Транг (капский лосось)
  • Размер 130 cm
  • Пищевая ценность Отлично
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Nearshore

(Atractoscion aequidens)

Geelbek, also called Cape Salmon, Yellowmouth, and Meagre, is a common catch off the coast of South Africa. This decadent bottom fish is an excellent addition to your table!

How Big?

Geelbek can grow to 130 cm in length and weigh up to 25 kg. The IGFA all tackle record for this fish is 14.91 kg (32 lb 14 oz).

When and Where

Geelbek inhabit waters off the east and west coasts of Africa, as well as the east coast of Australia. Anglers frequently target this species in South Africa, from False Bay to the southern border of Mozambique. Geelbek are migratory and appear near the coast in spring when they spawn.


Geelbek caught off the coast of Western Cape, South Africa

How to Fish

Geelbek swim close to the seafloor, in water as deep as 100m. Anglers mainly target this fish by bottom fishing. Sadly, Geelbek has been commercially overfished due to its excellent food value. Certain regulations are now in place to protect the species, including size and bag limits. In South Africa, anglers can keep up to 2 Geelbek per day which measure 60 cm or longer.

Good to Eat?

In case we didn’t get the point across already, this is an excellent eating fish! Geelbek tastes great grilled, baked, steamed, fried, and braaied. You can cook this fish in a bit of garlic butter, make it into a curry, or add it to seafood paella–and much more!

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