Калифорнийский королевский горбыль Рыбалка

Калифорнийский королевский горбыль Рыбалка

Топ Калифорнийский королевский горбыль Рыбалка направлений

Калифорнийский королевский горбыль

Калифорнийский королевский горбыль
  • Размер 0.5 to 2lbs
  • Пищевая ценность Хорошо
  • Игровые качества Среднее
  • Местообитания Inshore, Flats, Nearshore

(Menticirrhus undulatus)

California Corbina is a saltwater bottom fish found mostly in the surf zone of the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Even though it is technically a croaker, like the Redfish and the Black Drum, the species doesn't have an air bladder with which other members of the family produce the distinct sound.

How big

The largest recorded specimen was 28'' long and 8.5lbs heavy, but the average fish will be between 14 and 24'' and about 1lb.


California Corbina can be found on beaches and in shallow bays from Point Conception, CA to Peru, but also offshore during the summer spawning. They are caught year-round, but the most optimal time is July through October, with the influx of warm water and sand crabs.

How to catch

Sand crabs are also the best bait, with other options including worms, clams, mussels and ghost shrimp. Flies imitating any of these can also work.

California Corbina are notoriously hard to hook though, but easy to spear, as they are indifferent to human presence.

Good to eat?

They are excellent table fish.

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