Лещ (черный) Рыбалка

Лещ (черный) Рыбалка

Лещ (черный)

Лещ (черный)
  • Размер 3-4 lbs
  • Пищевая ценность Отлично
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания Inshore, River

(Acanthopagrus butcheri)

Black Bream fishing is a favorite pastime of many Australian anglers. These plucky fighters are a staple of southern Australia’s shore fishing scene and a common find in the country’s fish markets, too. 
Black Bream are one of several Breams caught in Australia. They are closely related to Yellowtail Bream (also known as Eastern Black Bream) and Pikey Bream. They aren’t at all related to European Common Bream, or the various panfish which are collectively called “Bream” in the United States. The thing that all Breams have in common is that they’re great fun to catch!

How big?

There’s no IGFA record for any of Australia’s Bream species yet, but the Australian Anglers Association record for Black Bream is 3.45 kg (7 lbs 9 oz). The average Black Bream you’re likely to catch weighs around half that, but it still puts up a real fight for its size! Bream are slow-growing, taking around 3-5 years to reach maturity.
Happy angler catching Black Bream on lures
This happy angler will be eating well tonight!

Where and when?

You can find Southern Black Bream in estuaries and inshore waters all along Australia’s south coast. Juvenile fish live in rivers, moving out to bays and estuary mouths when they are fully-grown. Eastern Black Bream, also known as Yellowtail Bream, are found–you guessed it–on Australia’s east coast. They live in similar places to their southern cousins and are also frequently caught in the surf off beaches.

How to Catch Black Bream

Bream are spirited fighters who will give you hours of fun on light tackle. Anglers regularly use live worms or cut chunks of mullet and tuna to bring them in. They will also take a variety of artificial lures, most commonly small spoons, plugs, spinners, or soft plastics. Fly anglers have a good chance of catching them with prawn, shrimp, and streamer patterns.

Good to eat?

Absolutely! Their meat is very moist and flavorful and they are caught commercially as well as recreationally. There are even plans to stock inland saline lakes with Bream, as they’re very adaptive to different salt levels. Wherever you get yours, you can enjoy it baked, grilled, or barbecued. For extra flavor, try stuffing them with fresh herbs and lemon.

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