Большеротый басс Рыбалка

Большеротый басс Рыбалка

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Большеротый басс

Большеротый басс
  • Размер 1 to 5lbs
  • Пищевая ценность Хорошо
  • Игровые качества Хорошо
  • Местообитания River, Lake

(Micropterus salmoides)

The Largemouth Bass is by far the most popular freshwater game fish in the US and the state fish of Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

How big

Largemouth is the largest species in the Black Bass family, at a maximum reported size of 3.3ft and 25lbs. Average catches are about 18'' and up to 5lbs.


This species is a type of Black Bass and can be found in rivers, creeks, streams, lakes and ponds throughout the USA, Mexico, Central America and other countries throughout the world.

How to catch

Most often used baits are artificials, such as plastic lures, jigs, spinnerbaits and crankbaits; however, live small baits such as minnows, frogs, night crawlers or crawfish can be successful. An intelligent fish, the Largemouth Bass only takes one try to remember and avoid a type of bait.

Good to eat?

Fish between 10 and 14'' are great tasting; larger ones should be released.

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