Лучшая Барракуда (большая) – Сан-Педро

Барракуда (большая) самых популярных туров – Сан-Педро

Сан-Педро Барракуда (большая) – сезоны

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Барракуда (большая) fishing in Сан-Педро doesn't vary throughout the year. High season is January to December. There is no closed season.

Барракуда (большая) Рыбалка – San Pedro – что говорят?

"Half day inshore trip."

Kris Acord рыбачил с Freedom Tours - Trolling Passion April 9, 2019

Overall it was a fun experience for a reasonable price. Catching a few Barracuda was the highlight of the trip, we didnt catch much else worth noting. Fishing Booker website says you can pay with your credit card, on the way back I found out that was not the case so we had to divert to find an atm.

"Half Day Reef Fishing with Jiggy and Joey"

Robert Slack рыбачил с Uprising Tours Fishing April 5, 2019

Jiggy was right on time picking us up and worked hard finding fish for 4hours. We caught Snapper and a Barracuda to finish the day!
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