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Half day trip and the fishing was great, non stop action. The Trigger fish were hitting.
Larry P. рыбачил с Go Big Charters Октябрь 4, 2020
Remember Dramamine just in case, and eat the fresh catch. Fresh fish is the best.
Fishing with Jefe
Micahel B. рыбачил с El Jefe Boat Charters Февраль 19, 2020
Make sure you have a captain who knows where the fish are and is willing to move you around to get them. Jefe would be our first choice.
Full day of fishing
Esteban D. рыбачил с Devocean Fishing Charters Февраль 13, 2020
Lots of great hotels, restaurants and so much great seafood!
Half day trip with Captain Christoper
Nathan S. рыбачил с Del Mar Charters – 30' Grady-White Январь 3, 2020
Book with Del Mar. Polite and Friendly from the start.
Full day trip
Michael Z. рыбачил с El Jefe Boat Charters Июнь 28, 2019
Get out on the ocean it's amazing u have no idea what ur gonna feel in!
Half day trip
Terry K. рыбачил с El Jefe Boat Charters Июнь 25, 2019
With the right captain, the fishing is great.
June fishing trip
Christopher L. рыбачил с El Jefe Boat Charters Июнь 24, 2019
Yes. The volume of fish can be plentiful, albeit smaller fish. Options for larger fish exist, but may be less plentiful. Each angler's decision to make.
Half day trip with captain Bryan in Margarita IV
Javier . L. рыбачил с Margarita IV Май 27, 2019
Take a pill if it is windy and there are waves. Enjoy the experience.