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Full day trip with Captain Ivan
Robert K. рыбачил с Ambition Charters Апрель 4, 2019
Fish for what’s recommended for the season you’re in.
Half Day trip
Leonard T. рыбачил с Find Fish Fast – Fishfinder Август 12, 2018
It was windy that day so we stayed in the Harbour.
The girl can fish
Rodney L. рыбачил с Narooma Charters Июнь 9, 2018
Do what you’re told by the crew and you’ll be fine.
Queen’s Birthday weekend with Skipper Nick
Ashley K. рыбачил с Narooma Charters Июнь 9, 2018
Follow the instructions of the skipper and his crew and you can’t go wrong !!!
Half day trip
Sacha D. M. рыбачил с Deep Sea Charters - Kingfisher Январь 6, 2018
Hat, sunscreen, water, food, NO BANANAS!!
Half Day Trip
Mark C. рыбачил с Wahoo Charters Декабрь 29, 2017
Book this boat! The captain and crew were amazing
Exceptional half day with The Sheriff!
Yun L. рыбачил с Sheriff Charters Ноябрь 3, 2017
Recommend doing a charter boat fish to start off with great catches. Following that, enjoy some chill light fishing from the Narooma board walk or beach fishing to soak up some sun.
10 hour Tuna Trip
Herman L. H. рыбачил с Ambition Charters Октябрь 29, 2017
Well the only thing that you need to keep in mind when you go fishing at all, you may or may not catch what you are looking for and that's why it called fishing and not catching. Put your faith in the Captain and crew and you will have a good day.

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