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4 hours on Bigg Deal with Captain Tony and Lucky Randy
Randy Z. рыбачил с Island Dog - Justeina Февраль 20, 2019
Highly recommend planning your fishing trip with Island Dog and their crew! Professional, excellent, lifetime experience!
Morning half day trip with Travis and Erin.
Anita J. рыбачил с Island Dog - Justeina Июль 26, 2018
Seas are calm in the morning and busier in the afternoon as the wind picks up.
Half day with Capt Tony
Tom J. рыбачил с Island Dog - Justeina Январь 11, 2018
Only caught one fish but it was a good one. Water is a little rough so recommend motion sickness patch/pill.
Half day trip on the Whaler One
Joe P. рыбачил с Island Dog - Justeina Август 22, 2017
Remember to troll closer along the shorelines of Och Rios if thrtes little action in the ocean. The 8 rivers dump into the ocean there and stir up activity. Especially when the ocean water is warmer, as in August.